Neighbourhood Sourced?

You may be asking why do we say our honey is neighbourhood sourced?

It is simple, our bee hives are not all in a single location on a farm, our bee hives are in your local neighbourhoods.

Why does this matter to you? It matters because it enables us to offer a very unique honey product that could actually be from your own backyard.

Our honey is extracted from each neighbourhood and then bottled. We never blend honey from one location with honey from another location. If you want honey from Oak Ridges you can get honey harvested from Oak Ridges.

You know exactly where your honey came from.

More Neighbourhoods

 The 2021 season is over but we are already looking towards the the 2022 season.

We will be adding at least two new beekeeping locations to some very lucky neighbourhoods.

The First location is Tottenham, the second is Happy Valley!

COVID 19 | We are Open and offer shipping anywhere in Canada and contactless pickup options.

To ensure the safety of our family and our customers we ask that all orders are placed directly through our web site.

We will work with our local customers to arrange a contactless pick up time.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

“I received my 2 lbs of the summer Humber Honey within a couple of days of ordering.
The summer flavor has beautiful floral hints and is not overly sweet.
The packaging is done up beautifully if you are wanting to give as a gift.
Everything that I have watched in how the honey is made right up to the taste and packaging, is done with love and care.
I would highly recommend to all you honey lovers or not, to definitely give them a try.”
Sue H.

Yay just received my order from @humberhoney As much as I love my plastic haha, I’m excited to try the beeswax wraps. 

Jennifer P.

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