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Raw, Unpasteurized, Never Blended, Harvested by the Season. 

Made in Local Neighbourhoods

Made in Local Neighbourhoods

Oak Ridges, King City, Holland Marsh, Nobleton, Tottenham, Amaranth, Orangeville and Mono are all local neighbourhoods that have honey bees collecting nectar from the local area.

We work with local farmers and home owners who understand the benefits of having honey bees on their property.

Honey bees provide regular pollination for farm crops resulting in lager crops to be sold to local customers and stores reducing the carbon footprint and directly supporting the local farming community.

Home owners enjoy having a symbiotic relationship with the honey bees on their property. Home owners plant pollinator friendly gardens using local flora that attract more than just honey bees. Each home owner is also invited to join our beekeepers during inspections to learn as much as they want about the complex and social honey bees.


Raw, Unpasteurized, Never Blended

We believe that the best honey is raw and unpasteurized. This is honey that is as close as you can get to consuming honey directly from the hive itself.

We specialize in honey harvested directly from local neighbourhoods, our honey is never blended. Each property that hosts hives is harvested individually. This allows the flavours of each local neighbourhood to shine though. The uniqueness of each location impact the colour, sweetness and taste.



Harvested by the Season

Harvesting honey directly from local neighbourhoods without blending allows us to provide a distinct flavour profile for each neighbourhood but we don’t just stop with the location.

We harvest each location with the seasons. Honey is harvested to take advantage of the different flowering seasons and nectar sources. This enables our customers to be able to see and taste the difference between the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

The strong floral and lighter in colour of the spring, the sweeter and golden colour of the summer and the darker more full bodied honey in the fall.


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